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Hello dear friends!

My name is Mira, I am the founder of Mynutripassion.com where I wanted to share with other people my passion for food and nutrients, about losing and maintaining proper weight. The reason why I started this journey is that I really love food and creativity, I admire creative people and with food recipes, I want to explore and expand my knowledge. I want to grow and open my mind. One day I want to help people lose weight, feel great and love themselves just the way they are. 

I graduated at Agrifaculty in the University of Belgrade, Technology of food and drinks. That was best decision in my life. Food is elementary in our lives, our mental and physical health depends on food.

Then I moved to USA and I didn’t know from where to start my journey, different rules, different culture, different system..  I want somehow to help myself and other people to feel great, because life shouldn’t be and life is not a misery. I have always been interested in chemistry, chemistry of food and our bodies. Everything in our lives is so simple, so connected-food, mind, mood and health.

All recipes are easy to make, some are results of my imagination, some are moderation of other recipes.

Don’t be afraid to explore different tastes, food, be creative.. Life should be so easy to live, it’s up to ourselves. 

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for trusting me, let’s begin this journey. I would be more than happy to share with you my recipes, please suggest, comment and share your thoughts.


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